Friday, November 27, 2009

Maid me Crazy

Birthday boy is having a party at Playland today. Video games and Burger King or some other fast food.
Spoke to Sandra, his teacher and he has been approved to the 3rd grade...his only flaws being some difficulty in sitting down and stop chatting with his friends during the lesson. Bad handwriting runs in the family  and makes the teacher's go bananas.
The maid went back to Bahia and left the ship. The invisible woman has to teach, clean, cook and translate at the same time. Crazy it is to try to juggle so many roles that you are supposed to have without complaint, of course.
It has happened so many times that it has become default, some kind of Christmas Holiday Celebration. Everything is where it should be. The book is on the table. The cat is on the roof. The boy is eight years old and I am so proud!

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