Friday, October 1, 2010


Gee, this guy was almost perfect in bed. He knew just the right combination of roughness and letting go, the right way to tough, to look , the words to say at the right time.She was almost in love with him but....kissing other girls just to get him off was not her idea of soulmate reunion. Very inteligent, maybe he took half viagara just to make her wonder.
Hooked on the feeling of taking over his nice 40 year old body and stiff sexy manhood....if all the words could convey the feeling of having many hours of perfect sex and neat orgarms...well, now she knows where her G spot is supposed to be, even thought experts tell us it does not exist. Now you tell us after two decades of maters and johnsons and all the other hip sex manuals...but this feeling was not in any manual
We could not live up to each other expectations for ever but it was bliss, real bliss for...well...infinite for as long as it lasted as my dear poet Vinícius de Moraes would say.
He almost drove her out of her shell of crazy sex and maybe a bit of love, whatever that means.
If love means fell whole and happy for a full weekend....well, money can not buy that can provide confortable places to fuck but that feeling of...wanting to get the brains where the genitals are in a nice polite way was something that Avenida Paulista hear that night.
I know I am a screamer, but I can't help it , I can't help it, I can't help it...well it was more than three times, I did stop counting.
Uffffff...I am hooked on the feeling...Uffff