Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Last night, I was playing my beautiful red guitar when suddenly the whole city of 20 million people plus other states went dark.
Total blackout for over 7 hours, depending on the neighborhood. My guitar gently weeped, frustrated and embarrassed...How dependent can one be on electricity? My whole world revolves around it.....
Some guy at the bar said that my guitar had provoked the power failure, ah,ah,ah...I felt so powerful in a powerless night. Of course, I wanted to throw my guitar on him, but did not wish to damage it to prove my point. The guitar, not his head, I mean.
Well, whose fault is it anyway? Even the president has put the blame elsewhere. Blame it on Bossa Nova. Paraguay went completely dark, too...
The light of the ending batteries of my notebook were showing me the way to my bed. No news, no television, no uol home page. I need to buy an old fashioned radio for emergencies.
The invisible woman disappeared in the shadows of the endless night.

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