Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Getting up at 6 a. m on a freezing August morning...not her cup of tea. She feels a little under the weather but she likes being productive. Two classes to teach in Moema, not that far away. It will get warmer latter...tonight is accoustic guittar night, so that makes the day brighter. Life is good but she needs to put some socks on, no sandals this morning and let's drink a cup of coffe instead. Will buy an electric guitar for her birthday.
The best thing about getting older is that people have given up discouraging you and accept the craziness of your ways...or how normal you actually are, whatever that means... Easy like Sunday Morning...great song for the guitar, by the way. She looks at the wall clock, time to go 6:55 am...just enough time to get some lipstick on and comb her long hair. Today is Tuesday. Ah, and I has got to be red...and look like a Fender, of course...but one day...the real thing!

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